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Samsung Galaxy Watch4
Get to know your body –
Track your fitness progress with our first smartwatch that comfortably measures your body composition
Track your steps and compete with friends in a fun competition via a bulletin board in real time.
The challenges include medals and a points system to make the exercise socially fun, stimulating and rewarding
Fitness Tracking –
Track activity and fitness scores on your android smartwatch. Count your steps, check your calories and use GPS while exercising
Blood pressure and electrocardiogram – The Samsung BioActive sensor of this fitness watch allows you to monitor ECG and measure blood pressure in real time
The sleep monitoring function of the smartwatch holistically detects and analyzes the stages of your sleep while you rest.
Advanced measurement options also allow you to check your blood oxygen levels and your snoring
Screen Size 1.4 Inches
Compatible with smartphones with Android 6.0 or above and RAM above 1.5GB
44 mm

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